Back From LA Workshop – Finding The Greater Story

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Constantine Stanislavsky, one of the pioneers of American Theatre, said, “love the art in yourself and not yourself in art.” What that means to me is awakening to the greater possibilities that reside within all of us behind the veneer, the wall of fear, or judgment, or self-doubt. There’s always a greater story hidden behind the surface story and it’s our job to be able to find it and to utilize it and then to hopefully, ideally, to awaken our audience to their greater story.

For 3 days I got to experience a group of trial lawyers in Los Angeles awaken to the greater story of their clients and it was riveting, and scary, and funny, and quite beautiful and very, very raw because they were literally right on a stage right in the heart of Hollywood. I got to co-teach with an amazing trial lawyer and friend, Mel Orchard, and it wasn’t just an intellectual journey, it was an emotional journey, which is at the heart of great argument and great persuasion. (In Story, you’re always working at the head and the heart, shifting your audience from left brain to right brain, from logical to emotional…) Ultimately, we’d come back to the forum of the monologue where the group of lawyers would embody the role of their clients– who they really, really were at their core, and what they were fighting for. What that did was create a pathway into pieces that of course they inevitably would use into closing argument.

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