Remove the Mask: Transforming the Victim to Victor – Mar 15-17

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Jesse Wilson and Jacqui Ford


2 ½ day workshop:
March 15-17, 2019

More often than not, “Victims” in cases will painfully cast themselves in the wrong roles: the roles they think the jury wants to see. Their lawyers, in turn, will cast themselves in the wrong roles they think the jury wants to be seeing in the story of an injured client.

“Victims” should always be portrayed as Victors to the jury.

When this shift occurs, in the right story you need to tell, you give your jurors (the true heroes) a winning hand in the vital fight for justice.

Join Communications Specialist and Jury Trial Consultant Jesse Wilson and Criminal Defense Lawyer and Trial Lawyers College Faculty member Jacqui Ford on this 2 1/2 day Journey that will powerfully jump start your ability to tell the right story as well as motivate, move, and inspire your jurors to take action.

Trial attorneys who have used Tell The Winning Story have won $10, $13, $45 and $90 million dollar verdicts

Working with Jesse was an incredibly positive experience. This awakened passion has stayed with me, not just in the story I need to tell the jury, but the story I am trying to live… and for that I will be forever grateful."

— Jacqui Ford, Criminal Defense Attorney, OKC


Join Jesse Wilson and Jacqui Ford for an exclusive 2 1/2 day workshop, which will focus on the main elements of delivering a masterful Opening statement and Closing Argument while implementing breakthrough communication skills through the tools and techniques of the theater. You will learn from the best.

Jesse Wilson is a communications specialist and jury trial consultant who impacts audiences with his high energy delivery and practical content.

Jacqui Ford is an award-winning trial lawyer who has dedicated her practice to defending the criminally accused and advocating for the injured.


March 15-17, 2019





  • Early Bird Special: $2,000 (register by February 25th)
  • Regular Rate: $2,500

How To Enroll?

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“Anyone who wants to better understand how to tell their clients’ stories should attend this program. And, that means all attorneys who represent people. Being empowered with this knowledge allows us to persuade just about anyone.”

— Timothy Garvey, Trial Lawyer, McDermott Law

Should You Attend This Workshop?

  • Win More Cases. From Opening to Closing, this 2 1/2 day workshop (with available CLE credit) will transform your ability as a trial lawyer to powerfully communicate in virtually every area of your practice. Join a group of like-minded litigators who will challenge and inspire each other to reach new levels of connection and communication breakthroughs.
  • Command The Courtroom Stage. Tell The Winning Story is not a typical book, workshop, or boot camp teaching formulas, templates, or “cookie cutter approaches” since none of these reach the heart of the problem: unlocking your ability to deliver a powerful performance and awaken your hidden power to connect to jurors, evoke potent emotion, persuade and win.
  • Motivate and Move Your Jury to Take Action. Taken directly from the stage, the 8 Fundamentals of Breakthrough Communication are the timeless tools that A list actors, Academy Award Winning film directors and screenwriters have used for centuries—tools that don’t just get audiences to listen… but care deeply. They are also tools that you can apply directly and immediately into your winning argument and winning story in trial.

Everything you learn in Tell The Winning Story will leverage a powerful and revolutionary communication approach that includes the ABC’s of emotional connection, supported by the 8 Fundamentals. The program applies these concepts directly to the law, and shows how they have helped win massive multi-million dollar jury awards.

"To be a trial lawyer is to be a storyteller. Why would we try a case without the help of an expert storyteller on our team? I won't any longer. Working with Jesse to help find, perfect and ultimately tell the right story was invaluable in securing our $90 million dollar win. I can't speak highly enough about what Jesse brings to the table for a trial team and our clients."

— Eric Penn, Trial Lawyer, The Penn Law Firm


Get Beneath the Surface

Basic workshops cover the mechanics of trial preparation. However, it is the underlying emotion that adds the heat that can then be channeled and strategically released. A winning story uses narrative hooks, tension, conflict, and resolution. You’ll learn how to effectively organize and implement dramatic story mechanics to drive the plot forward and keep your audience engaged and wanting more.

Why does the best story win?

Stories are the ultimate tools of persuasion – they are the emotional glue that connects you to your audience. Regardless of whether the facts are on your side, they are never enough. To make an impact, you need to frame the facts in a compelling narrative, so that your audience doesn’t just listen…they actually care.

"What makes Jesse special is his ability to connect with people-- to get to know them and to earn their trust. And by doing so, they allow him to help them give a voice to the stories they carry inside of them. And there is no better gift we can give our clients!

— Daniel Rodriguez, Trial Lawyer, Rodriguez & Associates

Through the 8 fundamentals of breakthrough communication and the timeless tools of the theater, Tell The Winning Story will help you discover your client’s story faster and more effectively, connect that story to the heart of your jury… and win.

Connect to Your Client's Story

Connect to Your Audience

Connect to Your Greater Story

Win More Cases

This Workshop is Perfect For…

  • Trial lawyers who want to take their courtroom communication skills to the next level.
  • Seasoned trial lawyers who are jaded with worn-out “cookie cutter” approaches to storytelling and communication
  • Beginning trial lawyers looking to step into their true potential and avoid fatally “bad communication” habits in the courtroom


You will be able to deliver your greatest Opening Statement and Closing Argument while learning (some lawyers describe the experience as unlearning) advanced and time-tested methods for your communications breakthrough, as well as building lifelong trial skills with a group of like-minded peers.

About your Instructors

Jesse Wilson, CEO of Tell the Winning Story

Jesse Wilson is a graduate of The Juilliard School, a nationally recognized Communication Specialist & Jury Trial Consultant, and member of the American Society of Trial Consultants (ASTC)

After 20 years of working in the world of theater, TV, and film, he has created “Tell The Winning Story” to empower trial lawyers to deliver high-impact presentations, as well as rapidly transform their communication and collaboration skills to effectively prepare clients and witnesses to testify.

Jesse was inspired to create “Tell The Winning Story” after co-developing a Theater-Behind-Bars program for inmates.  The program helped inmates make powerful changes in their lives.

The true power of a story always comes from inside us, the storyteller… And the path to developing a winning story begins with the lawyer owning their own story. “Tell The Winning Story” provides the lawyer the difference between telling a “hidden, safe, ‘surface’ story,” and powerfully connecting to a story that goes right to the heart of their audience, whomever that audience happens to be.

Jesse’s hands on training is featured in his workshops, law firm retreats, intensives, workshops and webinars.

Jacqui Ford

Jacqui Ford

Jacqui Ford found her calling to teach early in her career and has the honor of being on faculty at the Trial Lawyers College in Dubois, Wyoming. A native Oklahoman, Jacqui travels across the country to train with premier communication and story telling experts and trial lawyers.

In addition to the Trial Lawyers College in Wyoming, she has studied and trained at the University of Oklahoma in Norman Oklahoma; Brasenose University in Oxford, England; and Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

Jacqui is committed to empowering, educating, and inspiring trial lawyers to step into their role in changing the conversation. She works with lawyers in all stages of litigation from discovering their clients’ story, to developing the emotional connection required to inspire jurors to act in a powerful way.

Her secret to success, it all begins with being grounded in who you are, who you want to be, and finding the purposeful chosen action to execute being the change.

Additional Information

  • Attendees: Your group will include 25 attorneys and litigators from national firms
  • Presentations of Opening Statements and Closing Arguments will be videotaped by the Tell The Winning Story film team so you can track and measure your progress
  • Meeting Times: 9 AM – 5 PM (12:30 PM on last day)

        *Breaks and Lunch times are scheduled

 Lunch will be provided each day of the workshop

Comfortable Clothing

Please bring loose, comfortable clothing you can get up and move in– any “suits” will be publicly flogged on stage. We will be filming, so please no tight stripes (causes havoc on video), “Austin Power’s,” 60’s shirts—conservative but casual.

2 1/2 Day Workshop Agenda

The workshop is broken into
3 main sections or “Acts”

Act I: Self Connection: Unleashing your Power as a Great Communicator

Act II: Client Connection: Transforming Your Client from Victim To Victor

Act III: Jury Connection: Arming Them For Justice

Day One


The Journey Within: Uncovering the Driving Force of a Great Communicator
  • Harmonizing thought/emotion/body
  • Introduction to the 4 Steps of The Monologue and the importance of Emotional Connection to making an impact in the courtroom.
  • Introduction of the Emotional Connection Road Map attendees will follow from the beginning to the end of the workshop: Self, Client, Jury.


  • Interactive: Verbal and Non-Verbal, with Masks
  • The 5 fundamental human emotions and how they affect emotional state of the attorney, the judge and the jury.


Identifying Conflict as an Ally in your Case Narrative
  • Interactive: Conflict/Struggle/Resolution
  • Developing a Powerful Stage Presence – Introduce attorneys to “high performance communication effectiveness and presentation skills” involving breathing, body movement (spatial awareness), trusting silence, and articulation and how each affects the ability of judge and jury to recognize, understand, and recall key points in the case narrative.


Defining “The Crossroad”
  • Interactive: “Embodying the crossroad”—nonverbal communication exercise.
  • Attendees learn new skills to help develop language, themes, “power anchors” and strategy in the winning story.
  • Interactive: Defining “the stretch… in a memorable character, your client, and you.”

Day Two


  • Attorneys present the “first round” of their Client Monologues in front of the group, applying the “conflict/struggle/resolution” into the case narrative. Each attorney provides critique and feedback, applying the communication breakthrough concepts learned in Act I.


  • Continue Client Monologues and critiques.
    Discussion and Interactive: How to outline/storyboard the strongest and most critical case narrative elements for maximum courtroom impact.


“The Client’s Story”
  • Attorneys make “the personal connection” and apply the 4 Steps of the Monologue, The Crossroad, and The Stretch (The Greater Story), towards the continued development of the original monologue in the voice and perspective of their client.
  • Discussion and reflection: The value of the “Winning Story vs The Whining Story,” how to craft a case narrative with the right balance and its specific effects in the courtroom on judge, jury and on the attorney’s case presentation.

Day Three


  • Revision and new application from the Monologue integrated into the Opening Statement and/or Closing Argument.
  • Group feedback, applying concepts learned in Act I and Act II.


  • Living the Greater Story. Discussion and Interactive: Sustaining authentic emotional placement and strengthening impact in a case argument and case narrative “come Monday… and beyond.”
“I have practiced as a trial lawyer for 33 years, trying to hone my craft by reading books, attending workshops and workshops, listening to CD’s, using focus groups-- and trying cases—too many times unsuccessfully. Telling our clients story effectively requires hard work and for many like me, a different approach. Through Jesse’s workshops I am learning to bring our client’s story to the jury from where they sit—rather than from where I sit as I have tended to do. In short, Tell The Winning Story has helped revolutionize the way I try all my cases.”

— Kenneth E. Barker, Barker Wilson Law Firm, LLP